2009.11.16 2009 China VIV

Beijing Tai Ke Exhibition and Conference Center and the VNU Europe display group undertook together 2009 China VIV at Beijing China international exhibition center. It was sponsored by the national station of animal husbandry and the people international economic cooperation company. There were nearly 400 enterprises participated, including 300 domestic enterprises and nearly hundred overseas enterprises. The exhibition area amounted to 18000 square meters.

Our company location design had highlighted the new product, new technology and new image in this exhibition. Under the group deputy general manager's direct leadership, the enzyme services department, the concentration enzyme services department and the international department, 30 people, united to attend the meeting. In the exhibition, various departments' personnel performed its own functions.500 pieces of the product material were handed out on the first day. After three days exhibition, company collected several hundred customers' name cards, most of which were the new customers. The Technician, sales had a positive communication with the new and old customers all over the world.

Through the continual several VIV exhibitions, Sunson revealed the powerful strength as the first class enzyme company in China, set up the industry brand, played a positive promoter action in the company brand construction and the products marketing.

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