Sunson at Shanghai International Bakery Exhibition

With the theme of "opening up new markets and seizing new opportunities", the 3-day-long exhibition was held in Shanghai from October 20, 2020 to October 22, 2020. The probably most important event of the year for baking industry brought people from raw material supply, buyers, product development, procurement, marketing and trading together discussing the topics of mutual interest. Sunson’s presence definitely highlighted the applications of enzymes in this segment. Quite a few concurrent activities were organized at the same time, including the Conference on Exchange of Baking Food Policies, Laws and Regulations, the International Cross-border E-commerce Summit, the Seminar on Imported Food Labels and Hygienic Standards, the Forum and Award Presentation Meeting on the development and innovation of specialty catering, the tasting of baked food, and buyers' Salon. The exhibition created lots of new opportunities and possibilities to the industry.


Shanghai International Bakery Exhibition


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