2009.12.08 Sunson domestic enzyme output value reaches 500,000,000 Yuan

“Antibiotic abuse has become the great difficulty in the animal husbandry, otherwise, the enzyme is the most security, environmental feed additive! ”many expertscame up with the ideas, take the antibiotic the security substitute, our country should make much account of the development and the use of enzyme.The third national enzymes academic applicationin the feed industry seminar was held in Guangzhou on November 28-29th.

The Vice-chairman Qiao Yufeng, from Chinese Animal Husbandry Academic Organization, said that in recent years, as the animal husbandry production mode had converted, the feed and the feed additive had also trned to high production, the security, the precise.The enzyme was also considered as the safest product in the feed additive, and developed very quickly. in 2008 our country feed additive output reached 5,400,000 tons, feed enzyme was more than 10,000 tons.

“in the 1990s our seminar about enzyme, contained only 40 people. However, there are more than 400 people now!” Sunson Group chairman Du Zhongping introduced in detail the domestic enzyme industry 20 years unusually development, he believed that the domestic enzyme industry output value rose from 20,000,000 Yuan to today's 500,000,000 Yuan, which could not leave the relations to experts’ propaganda. He introduced that ten years ago, Chinese Institute of Agricultural Sciences Researcher Wang Jing made a great contribution. Professor Feng Dingyuan from South China Agriculture University had a splendent achievements in the recent ten years.

In recent years, the enzyme had a very close relation to substitute antibiotic. Many experts compared enzyme with antibiotic.They discovered, the feed enzyme was not as good as antibiotics in the growth promotion,however, it showed obvious effect, and also safe,environmental. It could solve the drug residue and pollutions in husbandry in a large part.
The feed enzymes market was mainly the feed mill and the large animal farm, but the enzyme popularizing rate was no more than 50%. At present, the partial professionals still maintained the suspicions to its actual efficiency.

The third national enzymes academic applicationin the feed industry seminar continued for two days , which was sponsored by the Chinese husbandry and veterinarian organizationanimal nutrition branch, the South China agricultural University animal science college and Guangzhou Feed Industry Association undertook. There were more than 400 experts and companyrepresentatives attended the conference.

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